The Art of Action Editing

Step-by-Step Tutorials from Professional Hollywood Editors

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 What is The Art of Action Editing? 
A Step-by-Step Video Training Course
This course teaches advanced action editing. Learn by cutting a real Hollywood fight scene.
9 hours of 1080p HD Tutorials
Includes 120 minutes of professionally-shot footage + 850 pieces of high-quality music and sound effects.
100% creative editing skills
Use any software package you like and follow along with the lessons.
Watch a sample lesson
Start with 3 free lessons
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 Fees for this course range from $497 - $997, depending on the package you choose to join. Monthly payment plans are also available, ranging from $47 - $97/mo for 12 months. 

  Course lessons  
Lesson 01: Welcome to the Art of Action Editing
Lesson 02: Introduction to Action Editing
Lesson 03: The Project Overview
Lesson 04: Understanding the Learning Process
Lesson 05: The Psychology Behind Fight Scenes
Lesson 06: Character Development
Lesson 07: Fight Choreography
Lesson 08: Fight Cinematography
Lesson 09: Picture Editing Tips
Lesson 10: Sound Editing Tips
Lesson 11: Creating a Project & Importing Files
Lesson 12: Reviewing the Raw Footage
Lesson 13: Reviewing the Sound Effects & Music
Lesson 14: Previewing the Final Scene
Lesson 15: Meeting the Characters
Lesson 16: Analyzing the Master Shot
Lesson 17: Sub-clipping the Takes
Lesson 18: Organizing Your Bin
Lesson 19: Overview of the Rough Editing Process
Lesson 20: Blocking in the Scene
Lesson 21: Adding More Camera Angles
Lesson 22: Cleaning Up the Rough Cut
Lesson 23: Viewing the Completed Rough Cut
Lesson 24: Build Emotion With Reaction Shots
Lesson 25: Add Scope With Wide Shots
Lesson 26: Using Slow Motion & Speed Tricks
Lesson 27: The Sound Editing Process
Lesson 28: Adding Key Sound Effects
Lesson 29: Creating a Custom Music Bed
Lesson 30: Using Foley to Enhance Realism
Lesson 31: Adding Wild Lines
Lesson 32: Accenting Moments With Sound Design
Lesson 33: Fixing Problems & Polishing the Scene
Lesson 34: Performing a Quick Color Correction
Lesson 35: Adding a Matte
Lesson 36: Finalizing the Audio Mix
Lesson 37: Reviewing Key Lessons Learned
PRO Lesson: Advanced Music Editing Techniques
PRO Lesson: Simulating Camera Movement & Shakes
Bonus Lesson: Creating Action Accents

Our trainers have worked with...
 Meet the Team 
 Trainers with a diverse range of editing skills and backgrounds 
Chris MacDonald
Chris started his career in entertainment fresh from college and held various jobs in the industry before working his way up to staff editor at Universal Studios.

He then held positions throughout Hollywood, focusing primarily on trailer editing for studios like Sony, Disney, Paramount and many more. With 15+ years editing experience, he’ll be the main voice and guide throughout your training with us at Film Editing Pro.

Brian Levin
Brian has over a decade of experience with several award-winning films whose recent clients include Amazon Prime Video, Red Bull and Sesame Street, just to name a few. His resume is varied having worked on narrative feature-length films, documentaries, music videos and brand films.

Brian has a variety of unique editing backgrounds, from his time as a motion graphics designer to his time as a director for various major brand clients while living in Chicago. He primraily focuses on Adobe Premiere and casually tolerates Avid, but regardless of the tool he absolutely loves editing.

Richard Kronenberg
Rich is an Avid Certified Instructor and Emmy award-winning editor obsessed with the craft and mechanics of storytelling.

With over twenty years of experience, he’s edited reality, documentary, corporate, news, promo, cooking, travel, and sports content for ABC, CBS, MSNBC, MTV, ESPN, FOX, CW, Bravo, A&E among countless others. Rich also cut field packages for “The Rachael Ray Show” from seasons 8 – 14. 

Leon Barnard
Leon is a passionate filmmaker with experience in directing, cinematography and editing. You might notice his British accent! Leon comes from London where he works as an instructor for production companies like the BBC, Amazon and ITV, providing training on programs such as Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Leon has a particular love for teaching editing – both the technical and creative side – but he’ll happily talk about any aspect of filmmaking.

Contributing Editors
For every Film Editing Pro course, we consult and work with the best editors in the genre, style or technique that we’re teaching. Often, these are long-term colleagues, mentors and friends. Then, we pass that knowledge on to you.
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